Are you looking for products that minimise your impact on the world around you?

We’ve created Eco Kiosk to make it even easier for you to care. By bringing all the right products into one place, we make it possible to care for your home and look after the environment at the same time.

Eco Kiosk

Caring for the planet shouldn’t cost the earth

Eco Kiosk chooses products that offer all the environmental benefits but without the big price tag. The only thing that is big is our sizes. Where possible we sell in bulk.

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You don’t need to be local to care

You don’t have to live near an Eco Kiosk store to take advantage of our great range.

The Eco Kiosk store is located in Napier, but we ship our products to homes and businesses across New Zealand. Visit our online shop, enjoy great products that look after the planet, delivered direct to you.


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