Wendyl's Dish Powder - Lemon (refill per kg)

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Natural Dish Wash Powder

Our lemon scented natural dish wash powder contains only three ingredients!

Regualr commercial dishwasher powder contains all sorts of nasty chemicals that you don’t want washed down your drain or sprayed all over your dishes.

The main ingredients of concern are phosphates which pass through to rivers and waterways encouraging algal growth which inhibits the natural ecosystem as well as the chlorine and artificial fragrances which can contain any number of harmful chemicals.

Our Wendyl’s Dish Wash Powder is so simple because it contains nothing but borax, citric acid and lemon essential oil. And when I say borax I mean the simple salt sodium borate not boric acid which is a completely different story. Borax has been used for generations as a cleaner. It is an alkaline mineral which is a very effective anti-bacterial, fungicidal cleaning and bleaching agent. It is widely regarded as being better for the environment than bleach.

I’ve been using this with Green Goddess Premium White Vinegar which is double strength (supermarket white vinegar won’t have the same effect) in the rinse aid compartment and everything comes out sparkling, including glassware.

There’s enough in one tub for 32 washes.

**However … if you live in a area with hard water you’ll need to add 2 Tbsp of Green Goddess Premium Soda Ash to the tub and mix well. If you are on tank water this can also be the case. You’ll be able to tell because calcium deposits will appear on your glassware.