Vegan Milker - Soul

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Vegan Milker - Soul


Notes (edited) from the maker...

The Vegan Milker® is a simple kitchen utensil to make plant milks and coffee by squeezing out nuts, cereals, ground coffee and seeds. The best way is to use the Vegan Milker® in combination with a hand blender (not included) to super-efficiently get an emulsion of 1L in a matter of minutes. Or you can also use it as a mere strainer.

The leftover pulp can be used to make delicious, easy and nutritious vegetarian and vegan dishes.

A ZERO WASTE philiosophy!

To get even more out of the tool, you can also make yoghurts with vegetable milks, vegan cheeses, horchata and delicious fruit juices.

Made in Spain from the highest quality materials, the 4 components (detailed below) can be stacked for easy storage

1. Thermal shock-resistant glass jar with marked measurements (0.8 and 0.5 L)
2. Stainless steel and plastic filter - free of toxic components
3. Pine wood mortar from sustainable forests in northern Spain
4. Bamboo lid

3-year guarantee