Urban Composter Accelerator Spray

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The spray is a dynamic fermented fruit extract and is made in Australia. It contains Effective Microbes that work to ferment and then break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter™ Bucket. 100% organic microbe solution

Easy and clean to use.

Spray Compost Acceletor every time scraps are added to your Urban Composter.  For best results, ensure that scraps are in small pieces.  Cover scraps with 3-5 sprays. 

Store out of direct sunlight.  Non-toxic, not for human consumption.

Contents:  Dynamic fermented fruit extract - EM-1 Effective Microbes (lactobacillus, yeast, probiotics and antioxidants).  Additional selected cultures for cellulose and fat consumption

Size: 500ml bottle now made from recycled post consumer plastic.