Urban Composter

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Stylish, clean and effective – The Urban Composter™ is a kitchen bench-top composting system that uses anaerobic composting to ferment your kitchen scraps right in the bucket. This process will minimise foul odours and flies. Simply cut up your food scraps into small pieces, spray with Urban Composter Compost Accelerator Spray and close the lid. All types of food scraps can be composted including: Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Fruit, Dairy, Coffee, Wilted Flowers.  Just no bones or excessive liquids. 
Drain the bucket every few days to release excess moisture from the fermentation process. Use this liquid, diluted, to add to your favourite plants as a nutritious liquid fertiliser

Features tabs on each side of the lid to make opening the lid very easy.

Select from two sizes:

  •  Urban Composter City  -  With 8L capacity and stylish good looks, the Urban Composter City is the perfect companion for eco-friendly city dwelling. Fits comfortably under the sink and take pride of place in smaller kitchens. Bucket Dimensions: 23cm diameter at top (base is smaller), stands 27cm high
  • Urban Composter - with a capacity of 15L, the dimensions are: 29cm diameter, stands 40cm high