Urban Composter 8L

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The Urban Composter City Bokashi is a simple, easy way to cut down landfill waste by turning your food scraps into a nutrient rich compost. 

It's compact 8 litre design makes it a good choice for anyone with limited kitchen space - it is the perfect shape and size to be stowed away neatly under the sink or bench. It's tightfitting lid keeps away bad odours and flies. 

The bokashi process is much faster than traditional composting methods - up to 50% faster, in fact! This is because bokashi ferments food waste, rather than waiting for it to decay. You'll need to use a compost accelerator spray to speed up the composting process. 

You'll also be able to put food unable to be composted by traditional methods in your bokashi, including meat, small bones, and cheese!

The City Bokashi includes a built in tap for draining the bokashi liquid, which once diluted can be used as a nutrient filled fertiliser. 

Capacity: 8 litres

Dimensions: 23cm diameter at top (base is narrower) | 27cm high

Urban Composter products are made in Australia by a family owned and run business.