SOLID Oxygenating Mouthwash (250ml)

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This oxygenating mouthwash is different to other mouthwashes on the shelf. It has been created to provide all day fresh breath, and to support teeth and gum hygiene. Oxygen is a proven cleanser and antibacterial, but it is most effective when it’s fresh. That’s why Solid freshly mix this mouthwash right before we send it out to our customers.

How this mouthwash supports teeth and gum hygiene

Check with your dentist or dental hygienist to see if rinsing with an oxygenating mouthwash could be a beneficial addition to your oral hygiene routine. The oxygenating action can help reduce the amount of plaque bacteria in the mouth.

Plaque is the bacteria-filled white sticky stuff that forms on our teeth. If it is not effectively removed on a daily basis, you may notice red, swollen and/or bleeding gums, which is called gingivitis. If left untreated, in some people this can progress to periodontitis, which is loss of the bone that holds our teeth in place.

Gingivitis is reversible, whereas periodontitis is not. This is why it’s really important to see your dentist or dental hygienist regularly, so any gum problems can be identified and treated at an early stage.

How this mouthwash provides fresh breath

Most odour causing bacteria live on the tongue, not the teeth. Our tongues are made up of tiny little protrusions called papillae. Bacteria, their waste products and food debris can get caught between these papillae, leaving us with a kind of unpleasant “bacterial carpet”, particularly near the back of the tongue.

Genetics, diet, and oral hygiene determine how much of a tongue coating each person builds up on daily basis. Open your mouth and look in the mirror. If you can see a whitish or yellowish coating, you may be prone to a heavier tongue coating, and possibly breath odour.

The best way to remove this tongue coating and banish breath odour is by daily cleansing with a tongue scraper and SOLID oxygenating mouthwash.