Safety Razor - Butterfly Opening (incl 10 blades)

Regular price $35.00

Metal Safety Razor - this one has a butterfly opening - twist the bottom and put in the blade then twist shut.  The thought of safety razors are a bit scary but the reality is they work very well and aren't scary at all, of course you will take it slow for a start until you get the hang of it then you will be away, a cleaner, closer shave!

With this one just make sure that before use it's nice and tight (if it's loose more of the blade will come out).  The razor comes with 5 Blades.  Extras can be purchased separately.  Add a shaving soap for a discounted cost of $7.

Made from Stainless Steel.

 A tip from the trenches:  Use an elastic band to wrap around the handle again and again to make a grip.  These can get slippery in the shower and get dropped!