Oasis Beauty Power Punch SP25 Moisturiser

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Packs a power punch of natural nourishment for dry skin leaving it healthy, soft and radiant.  Rosehip, evening primrose and apricot kernel combine for a serious hydration boost. Whilst the inbuilt non-whitening, broad spectrum sun protection helps to protect from further dryness, prevent sun damage and the signs of premature ageing.  

We take sun protection very seriously at Oasis.  And we design our products for New Zealand sunlight which is the harshest in the world.  So you can have absolute confidence that Power Punch will keep your skin protected in the harsh Southern Hemisphere sun.  It provides broad spectrum sun protection so we've got you covered. 

Active naturals: rosehip, evening primrose, apricot kernel, rosemary, chamomile, frankincense and vitamin E

Power Punch SPF moisturiser:

Deeply nourishing daily facial moisturiser

Broad spectrum sun protection guards against photoageing

Frankincense reduces skin irritation and redness

Vitamin E and honey help to heal blemishes and acne scars

Free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, sulphates and nano-particles

Tested in 2018 in Australia at SPF 28.2 to AS/NZ Standard 2604:2012 (full 10-subject study)

Tested in 2018 Australia at UVAPF 9 which equates to PA+++ (full 10-subject study). This is a measurement of UVA protection.