No. 8 Essentials Organic Facial Moisturising oil

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Organic Moisturising Oils

No. 8 Essentials organic moisturising oils are quite possibly New Zealand's only full range of targeted moisturising oils - each formulated for a particular skin type.

Using a natural plant oil moisturiser can greatly improve the skin's condition and assist with skin problems such as acne.They are vegan friendly and made from certified organic natural plant oils, plus natural vitamin E.

These are concentrated products - moisturising lotions are around 80% water. We’ve taken out the water, so a little goes a long way.

Why moisturise?

Locking in skin moisture is important - your skin's outer layer is slowly fed water from the lower layers, but this water also tends to evaporate and your skin can end up drier than optimal. Dry skin comes with many problems:•looks and feels terrible•can end up cracked and further damaged•the dead skin cells you lose normally can end up clumped together giving a flaky appearance

Our moisturising oil range is made entirely from natural plant oils extracted from various parts of plants (typically seeds and nuts). These oils contain many components that are beneficial for your skin - including some long-chain fatty acids that match those produced by your body to protect your skin by keeping it from drying out.

Usage Guidelines:Massage 2 drops on a clean face, morning and night. Applying to slightly damp skin (after washing or toning) will help it spread easily and keep that moisture in your skin.Precautions:

•Do not apply immediately before bed as it needs a bit of time to absorb into the skin•Patch test before use recommended

•Discontinue use if irritation develops•External use only

•Avoid eye area

•Store cool and out of direct sunlight