No 8 Essentials Natural Deodorant

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100% Natural Deodorants

Never tried a natural deodorant? Previously tried natural deodorants that didn’t cut it? Put off by having to smear it onto your armpits with your fingers? Looking for a deo that works, but doesn’t come with the plastic waste? Don’t want to use a deodorant or antiperspirant that has any aluminium salts?

Let our deo products convert you!

Zero plastic. No mess application.That’s right - we’ve formulated this to be in game-changing cardboard tubes. They’re compostable and when empty can simply be put into your home compost or buried in the garden. Or if they do get thrown into the rubbish, at least they’re not plastic.To apply simply push it up one or two millimetres, then apply light swipes in your armpits. It doesn’t take much to be effective.

Do our deodorants work?

YES! Do they ever!The combination of nourishing, naturally antibacterial oils and either baking soda or magnesium hydroxide works hard to keep you smelling fresh all day - even when you’re working hard too. Your body still does what it should be doing - sweating (it’s an