Nit-Enz - Head Lice Repellent Hair Care Spray

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Nit-Enz Head Lice Repellent Hair Care Spray is created from a combination of pine extracts, citronella, honey, water and aloe vera. Nit-Enz Repellent Hair Care Spray is completely organic and dries stiff for added protection during the day. The citronella and pine extracts are the active ingredients which combine to produce a pleasant lemonade scent.

A Nit-Enz head lice repellent product should be used daily in conjunction with Nit-Enz Organic Shampoo for lasting results! The Nit-Enz product range is designed to work together as a safe, effective and affordable on-going system of control!

NOTE: Nit-Enz repellent products are very effective at repelling head lice but they will not kill lice, they will just drive them crazy! Parents must make sure their children DO NOT have head lice before applying or they will crawl out around the face and neck to escape it. This is not a pleasant experience for anyone!