Macrocarpa Wood Wax Tin

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The healthy, natural alternative to chemical timber treatment

For centuries, natural waxes and oils have been used to protect timber and furniture. Examples of furniture preserved this way can still be seen in museums today in perfect condition.

The main advantages of wood preservation with natural waxes are:

  • Non toxic, good smell.
  • The wood still can breathe (give off or take on moisture) and enhance the room climate.
  • The surface does not crack.
  • Scratches or damage can quickly be redone.
  • Water protection.
  • Not electrostatic.
  • No drying time. Can be used immediately after polishing.

We do not use any thinners or solvents. In our Macrocarpa Woodwax we only use natural ingredients that have been used over the centuries:

  • Pure bees wax.
  • Raw linseed oil.
  • Propolis (a product from the bees with strong antiseptic properties as a protection against fungus and bacteria).
  • Macrocarpa extract (to enhance protection against insects).