Green Goddess Kawakawa & Aloe Baby Balm

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Baby Balm for baby AND You. We have had great feedback from Mums saying this amazing balm cleared up eczema type rashes and nappy rash in just two days, and from other women saying they used it as a soothing nipple cream with great results.
Many new mums have said they get really confused when trying to work out what is best to put on their baby’s bottom between nappy changes because many of the creams available have parabens and other nasty chemicals which can aggravate the sensitive skin on a baby’s bottom.
So we worked with Tricia Curtis who has been making balms for twenty years using plants grown on her farmlet in Puhoi or in native bush. I love her philosophy, which is that every time she mixes another batch of ointment:”I am conscious that I’m repeating a simple act that has been played out over the millennia by people in all cultures. It is a simple, time-honoured process of putting the healing essences of everyday plants cultivated in my garden or gathered from our regenerating native bush into a readily usable form.”
The baby balm Tricia has made for us is a rich cream using the purest ingredients to soothe and protect your baby’s skin. But you can also use it as an amazing lip balm, which is how I have been using it, and also as a deep moisturiser for your face.
Olive oil – Rich in Vit A, Vit E anti-inflammatory and skin regenerative properties.
Beeswax – Anti-bacterial properties and contains Vit A; is skin regenerative.
Calendula – Fabulous healer, antibacterial, stimulates regrowth of damaged skin tissue therefore diminishing scar tissue formation.
Kawakawa – New Zealand’s own native plant is analgesic, soothing pain and stimulating skin healing.
Aloe Vera – Great for burns, protects and heals babies bottoms from the burns of acidic urine and diarrhoea so common during teething. Rehydrates skin, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
Plantain – Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Helps maintain healthy environment on the skin.