Forge Pink Clay Mask

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Teen skin can be a real challenge. One day its dry, the next its an explosion of red spots and blemishes.

That's why Forge created a range to save the day when things go a bit nuts.

Give your skin a weekly treat with this all-natural pink mask clay. Ideal for combination skin that needs a little love.

Handcrafted with fine French pink clay, kaolin clay and organic dried & ground rosehips and rose petals. It’s a gorgeous fine pink mask that helps give your skin a bit extra.

How to Use:

1. Mix 1 tsp of powder with a few drops of water or try a dollop of natural plain yogurt (for added boost from the natural lactic acid) until smooth paste is formed

2. Use fingers or brush to smooth on evenly to face

3. Leave till dry - around 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water

Once you're all done, give your skin a dose of hydration with the blemish gel or cream moisturiser.


Pink French clay, kaolin clay, powdered rosehips, powdered rose petal