Forge Cream Moisturiser

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Teen skin can be a real challenge. One day its dry, the next its an explosion of red spots and blemishes.

That's why Forge created a range to save the day when things go a bit nuts.

The perfect face moisturiser to make your skin glow and feel great, every day. The watermelon and cucumber moisturiser is light and gentle on your skin. It also smells amazing too (well we think so). Ideal for people who get the odd pimple here and there.

How to Use

Use a small pump and rub on your face and neck.


Emulgade, organic coconut oil, watermelon water, cucumber hydrosol, aloe vera gel, chamomile tea organic evening primrose oil, organic rosehip oil, watermelon seed oil, lactic acid, kowhai extract, potassium sorbate, NZ bush honey, glycerine, bergamot essential oil, watermelon powder