Forge Blemish Balm

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Teen skin can be a real challenge. One day its dry, the next its an explosion of red spots and blemishes.


That's why Forge created a range to save the day when things go a bit nuts.

Annoying blemishes can be a real pain and make you feel a bit 'meh'. Thats where our pot of magic blemish balm comes in. Its packed full of concentrated therapeutic manuka and tea tree oils to reduce redness quickly, get rid of any bacteria that might be causing problems and get your skin back to awesome - quickly. Calendula and jojoba oil help moisturise your skin to stop it drying out - an ultimate winning combination of plants working together in harmony. 

Whether its a pimple, small rash or just an annoying skin 'thing', give this blemish balm a go to work its magic.

easy to use:

Rub a small dab onto the blemish morning and night. Leave it on to do its magic.

hero ingredients:

cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic calendula oil, organic jojoba oil, beeswax, kawakawa extract, papaya extract, manuka oil and tea tree oil.