Encore Tote Bag

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Handmade in Nelson, entirely from upcycled local inflatable / bouncy castle vinyl PVC. The strapping is from expired car seat restraints, re purposed through carseat recycling schemes. Saving landfill, one bag at a time.

This is an incredibly durable bag ideal for beach, shopping, camping, markets, sports and more. Double handles on the large bags offer a variety of ways to carry it. Long straps for on the shoulder or across the shoulder satchel style. Short handles are ideal if fully loaded. Strong, durable and waterproof. You can tie the long handles together to secure the bags contents. To clean simply wipe with a cloth or hose down outside!

There are 2 sizes available that vary slightly in size and colour combinations. 

LARGE bag comfortably holds 3-4 big beach towels, picnic snacks, hats and personal items. Or:

Taking your whole food shop home

Full biking gear

Sea swim kit

Work gear

Study folders

Camping supplies 

Weekend getaway swag etc

Size for the large bags is approx: 36-39cm height / 55-57cm length / 16-18cm base


MEDIUM bag is larger than your standard black supo shopping bag. One set of longer handles to carry on one shoulder or comfortably across the body. You can load these bags without worrying about the weight. Superstrong sturdy bags ideal for everything you can throw at them. Ideal for:

Shopping - store or market

Library books

Study folders and stationery

Swim bag

Size for the medium bags is approx: 33-37cm height / 31-37cm length / 15-17cm base


Please email us to enquire about available colours