Eco Kiosk Hand Sanitiser Gel

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Hand Sanitizing Gel is the new generation hand sanitizer suitable for use in the home or workplace. Hand Gel contains high quality skin moisturizers, leaving your hands soft and smooth. Hand Gel kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs, no water or towels required.

Lotion Pumps to fit the 500ml bottles can be purchased separately, or convenient 125ml plastic bottles can be purchased separately for decanting from bulk containers.  

Shake well before use: Use a thumbnail size of Hand Gel in your palm, then briskly rub hands together until dry. Do not rinse off, as this will reduce the sanitising qualities.

Note: When children are using this product ensure they are supervised. Keep away from flames and sources of heat. Avoid contact with your eyes. Do not use on broken skin. Hand Gel is for external use only.
This product is flammable 

INGREDIENTS:  Ethanol, Glucose Ether, Fragrance.

Made in New Zealand.  Packaging may vary.

Refill price instore $33.40 per kg (price subject to change with no notice)

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