Eco Kiosk Natural Bubble Bath

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Go on, your kids will love you for these amazing bubbles -  or maybe it's just for you!  This bubble bath has lots of coconut and glycerine to moisturise dry skin, at the same time cleaning & soothing tired bodies. And it has the added benefit of cleaning the bath for you  -  unlike soap, all the dirt goes down the drain.

All natural & organic ingredients: Distilled water, lauryl ammonium sulphate, cocobetaine, coconut oil, cocoglucoside, vegetable glycerine, pure essential oils & or natural fragrance oils (see below), citric acid, potassium sorbate and xanthan gum.

Essential oils or natural fragrance oils:

  • Groovy Grape:  groovy grape all-natural fragrance oil
  • Citrus:  lemon, orange, lime, mandarin, tangerine & grapefruit essential oils

Made in New Zealand