DII - Assorted Blue Dish Towels

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DII's dish towels are customers' all-time favourite. DII offers dish towels at an affordable price with high-quality. These dish towels are 100% cotton; the classic design coordinates with most kitchen decor, these dish towels are a great basic kitchen essential with multiple styles for you to choose from to mix and match with your home and kitchen. With each wahs, these towels become more absorbent, helping clean up even the biggest of messes. They're handy for mopping up in the kitchen or anywhere spills occur. These dish towels air dry quickly for ready use again in no time

DII dish towels are made with high quality cotton with tight knit to allow for less lint on your glass or plates. The perfect dish towel for your daily kithcen usefro holing up to your tough kitchen grease, dirt, food and more. The material and construction provides long lasting dish towels that you can use over and over again 

Dimensions: 28" wide x 18" high

Material: 100% Cotton

Machine washable. Wash with cold water in gentle cycle and tumble dry on low. Do not bleach them or run them through a hot dryer