Eco Group Citrus Cleaner Concentrate (Bulk)

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Citrus Cleaner Concentrate is a powerful multipurpose product with an endless number of uses, just dilute with water and pour into a spray bottle. This product has natural antimicrobial properties to help keep your surfaces clean. Citrus Cleaner is suitable for kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, floors, tiles, oven cleaning, whiteware, windows and chrome, while being very cost effective in all areas. This product is made from non-toxic plant and mineral based biodegradable ingredients, no added dyes or harsh synthetic chemicals.


Shake well before use: Citrus Cleaner Concentrate is a very powerful product. Dilute as required. Spray onto the surface or clean cloth and wipe the area to be cleaned and rinse as required. Note: If unsure, spot test on a hidden surface area first. Use with care on paint work and older surfaces.

Windows 1/50
Kitchen Surfaces 1/10
Bathrooms 1/10       
Oven Cleaning 1/5               

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Coco Sulphate, Methyl Ester Ethoxylate, Citric Acid, D’limonene.


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