50% OFF AA USB-rechargeable battery (2 pack)

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  • 1.2V 1450mAh USB Rechargeable AA Green Battery(Green)
  • Input: DC 5V Output: 1.2V---200± 20mA Capacity:1450mAh
  • USB Rechargeable AA Green Battery Features:

Main features:

  • Easily charged from any USB power source
  • Low Self Discharge (LSD) type NiMH cells
  • Up to 500 charge cycles (typical)
  • Nominal 5~7 hour full charge time at 120~200mA current level
  • Built-in current limiter prevents overcharging
  • Can be charged using a traditional Ni-MH AA battery charger
  • Includes an LED indicator for charging status
  • Tethered cap prevents accidental loss

1. Plug in the USB rechargeable battery to any USB interfacefor charging. LED indicator light ( blue ) turns on when charging,light off after fully charged.

2. Make use of advanced design of protection circuit to avoidshort circuit.

3. Make use of constant current charging, with independentdetection of battery power status and micro CPU control, ensurefull charging according to the different battery power status.

4. With built-in automated trickle charging after fullycharged, battery can be more fully charged and extend the batterylife cycle.

5. For the sake of the best charging effect, please refer tothe following charging time-table after fully charge (lightoff).

  • Precautions to Ensure the safety on banding battery

1. Batteries should be charged prior to use.

2. When using a new battery for the first time or after longterm storage, please fully charge the battery before Use.

3. For charging methods please referrence to our technicalhandbook.

4. Use the correct charger for Ni-CD or Ni-MH batteries.

5. Do not reverse charge batteries.

6. Do not short circuit batteries, permanent damage tobatteries may result.

7. Do not incinerate or mutilate batteries, may burst orrelease toxic material.

8. Do not solder directly to cells or batteries.

9. Do not subject batteries to adverse condition such asextreme temperature, deep cycling and excessiveOvercharge/overdischarge.

10. Store batteries in a cool dry place.

11. Do not mix batteries with other battery brands or batteriesof a different chemistry such as alkaline And zinc carbon.

12. Do not mix new batteries in use with semi-used batteries,overdischarge may occur.