Black+Blum - Active Charcoal Water Filter

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Makes tap water taste great!

Notes from the Maker...

  • Makes tap water taste clean, clear and delicious!
  • Filters water naturally adding minerals such as calcium and absorbing chemicals such as chlorine
  • Vacuum packed for immediate use. Fill any bottle or jug with safe drinking water and add the charcoal (NB the Active Charcoal Water Filter & Locking Coil option will require a minimum spout opening of 30mm)
  • Effective in 1-8 hours - 1H = good, 4h = better, 8h =  great!
  • Charcoal is an incredibly dense material, so  take care when dropping into glass bottles & jugs, we recommend only adding once bottle/jug is full
  • Our charcoal is made from natural wood sticks and dimensions vary (15 to 28mm diameter, maximum length 118mm)
  • lasts 6 months - recharge after the first 3 months by boling for 10mins

Notes from the Maker



A range created so we can stop buying expensive bottled water (thereby adding to the continuing single-use plastic global environmental problem) and make our own tap water taste great! Binchotan active charcoal has been used in Japan for over 500 for, among other uses, filtering water to absorb impurities

These charcoal refills are pre-washed and vacuum sealed so they are ready for immediate use. Simply drop the charcoal into your water, we recommend one stick per litre, then leave for 1 hour (8 is best) and enjoy your filtered water. Each charcoal will last for 6 months as a water filter, simply recharge after the first 3 months use. They are then recyclable for other uses around the home. They fit in Eau Good, Eau Good Glass, Eau Carafe but can also be used any jug or bottle.

LONG LASTING: The sticks have a total lifespan of 6 months each, as its effectiveness decreases all you must do is boil it for 10 minutes to recharge and rejuvenate

Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 12cm

contains 1 stick only