Stainless Steel Sock Hanger
Stainless Steel Sock Hanger

Stainless Steel Sock Hanger

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Stainless Steel Sock hangers:

  • INDOOR Round (30 pegs) -  marine grade stainless steel 201, 40cm diameter.  This peg hanger is not rust-resistant and is designed to be kept indoors when not in use. Avoid getting it wet or leaving it in high humidity. Wipe or dry immediately if it does get wet. Leaving it wet or outdoors may result in rust. 

  • RUSTPROOF Rectangle (36 Pegs)  -  marine grade stainless steel 316, 40 x 30cm.  Rust-proof, designed to be able to use outdoors and indoors.  We recommend storing it inside when not in use.  Wash every now and then to remove any built-up dust, dirt and bird droppings.

Perfect solution for winter washing, and small items.

Rain rain go away! Can't dry washing outside in winter? But washing is piling up? 

These new sock hangers are your friend in winter! You can hang so many pairs of socks, undies and lightweight washing with the minimal space with these clever sock hangers. You can hang it up on the curtain rail, door, washing airer, even door handles or on the chair.