Mobile Refill Service


We have a mobile refill service available for our Hawkes Bay customers. Instead of leaving home, customers can leave containers (please wash the exterior first) in a designated spot outside their home and we will refill the containers within our van, and then return to the designated spot. This will eliminate the need for any face-to-face contact, and, with the appropriate H&S precautions in place within our refill van, minimise any risk of spreading illnesses.

To book a refill, simply click here to fill in our booking form with your contact details, plus the details of products required, and we will get in touch to let you know when we’re coming!  An invoice will be emailed following our visit, for online payment.

You can also add other items from our shop to be delivered at the same time.  Simply order them online, or add it to your mobile refill order form.

And last but certainly not least, please note there is currently no delivery fee.  This is courtesy of the immense generosity of Bayswater Vehicles, who have donated the use of a van in order that we can offer this service during Covid19 Alert Level 4.

Our mobile refilling system uses the same principle as our in-store refill room:

1.  Weigh your container (it can be part-full, if you want to top up with the same product)

2.  Refill 

3.  Re-weigh your container and only pay for what has been added.