NEW Arrivals

Introducing Perri Scott

Perri purchased Eco Kiosk in July 2021 after being a customer and fan since its inception.

She is passionate about the recycle, reuse, refill, less waste concept and is a warrior for reducing our dependence on environmentally harmful synthetic / chemically based products in single use packaging.

Hence the products sold at Eco Kiosk are sourced from suppliers that are classified as environmentally friendly or use only natural and organic ingredients.

Perri is also developing her own brand “Alter Eco” which showcases her passion for good quality old fashioned natural products that are affordable.

As well as a refillery (reuse your bottles instead of sending to landfill) and off the shelf items Perri also is developing a community recycle station.

This business is evolving to encompass Perri’s vision and passion for natural products for all aspecs of living. This new arrivals page not only introduces Perri but a few of the exciting things that she has to offer.