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Alter Eco Reusable Car Air Freshener

Regular price $15.95

Freshen up your car with these great essential oil natural car fresheners.

Most car air fresheners are loaded with synthetic fragrance and chemicals. Fill your car with a beautiful, natural scent with our reusable car air freshener. Add one of our Eco Kiosk essential oils or Eco Kiosk natural fragrances, or pair up with one of your own.
Aside from smelling amazing, essential oils can help to lift your mood, boost metabolism, and relieve tension and anxiety.

To use your natural car air freshener, open the locket, add a few drops of essential oil, close, and slot it into your car’s air vent. Turn the vent on and enjoy. Replace the oil when necessary.


Packaged with 10 felt circles.


For combo set, please write your preferred design and fragrance at checkout, else it will be selected at random.

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